Business is booming for this plastic surgeon

Revenues are rocketing for Bjørn Tore Haga AS. You don’t see margins like these too often.

Profitability curve: The illustration shows the operating margin of FBjørn Tore Haga AS over the past five years. The percentage in the box to the left is last year's margin. The background is aerial photos of the company's address.
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The plastic surgeons company had approximately NOK 6.7 million in operating revenues, which is more than a double of the income in 2019.

The operating profit is equally higher, nearly 4 millions in plus.

The operating margin is sky high, 58,8 percent. This is also double the year before.

In comparison, the average profitability of Norwegian companies is 9.4 per cent, according to the latest Statistics Norway figures. In the accommodation and health and social industry, the corresponding average is 7.6.

Sole proprietor

Bjørn Tore Haga AS was established in 1993. The main industry is general medical service.

The owner, Hopsåsen Invest AS, did not take out dividends last year.

Bjørn Tore Salve Haga (55) is both the general manager and the chairman of the board.

He also is the sole proprietor of Hopsåsen Invest AS.

Bjørn Tore Salve Haga.

Among the biggest in Bergen

Bjørn Tore Haga AS is the 3rd largest company in its specific industry in Bergen municipality, which is «general medical service». There are 19 other companies in this category.

In the whole of Norway, the plastic surgeon clocks in at number 88 on the industry list.

The overview below shows the top list in the relevant industry, sorted by operating revenues. The information is taken from the last registered accounts, and will be able to change continuously as new figures come in.