Produktet smakar akkurat som det det er: — nemleg VATN. Difor bør den legendariske vassflaska helst bli ståande uopna på peishylla; - dette i følgje den amerikanske spaltisten. Berre slik kan den magiske auraen omkring VOSS bevarast. - "So never, ever open the VOSS !"

Den ironisk velskrivne artikkelen bør nytast på originalspråket. Nedanfor følgjer eit utdrag:

My friends, you are not worthy of the VOSS. According to the legends, the VOSS is collected from an untouched underground aquifer in Norway, protected from pollutants by layers of rock, ice, and delicious. Although I'm supposed to review the VOSS, I can't. It is too precious to be opened and defiled by my lips. You must be nothing less than a deity to enjoy this nectar of life. So the VOSS must sit on its pedestal safely on my fireplace mantle.

UPDATE: So I was watching the Rockets game and found myself too lazy to get up from the bean bag. My throat was dry and the VOSS glowed above me, speaking to me in a salacious tone. My hands reached for salvation. And what did salvation taste like?


I was hoping to achieve nirvana, but the more the sip from the glass VOSS bottle, the more I tasted water. Granted, the water was nice and clean, but if you own a Brita or a water filter or (gasp) even buy Ozaka, you can achieve VOSS-like greatness, too. Ultimately, the VOSS is much like flirting with that dreamy co-worker all year long and finally building the confidence to ask for a date and then finding out she's happily married with ten kids or he's been divorced more times than the sun rises. So never, ever open the VOSS. Leave it on the mantle. Let it be the greatest what-if of your life.

Smaker Voss water akkurat som vanlig vann? Si din mening.

Voss water - best uopna?
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