Jeg beklager å kontakte deg på engelsk, men min norsk er ikke så god.

I am sorry but I do not speak Norwegian very well. I am British, I live and work in London, United Kingdom. The apartment that I have for rent, I bought it as a holiday house for me and my family. I'm having some financial difficulties at this time so I have decided to rent the apartment for an additional income. I am looking for a long term rental (at least 1 year).

The apartment is located at C. Sundtsgate 57, 5004 Bergen.

The apartment is fully furnished, ready to move in as you can see in the photos. It comes with storage area in the basement. If you are not planning on using any of the stuff I have there you can put it in the storage area.

The rent is 8500 NOK/month (it includes common costs, internet, cable-tv).

The deposit is 17000 NOK (fully refundable at the end of the contract unless you damage something and you don't fix it).

I will not be able to be present for viewing, therefore I spoke to my real estate agency here in London and they said that they will take care of the whole transaction. They have a Property Management service that will basically take care of everything (contract, paperwork, bills, rent payment etc.)

So if we come to an agreement this is how it works:

— You'll have to give me your full name, date of birth, telephone number and postal address. A copy of your ID card would be great.

— Then I will forward your details to the real estate agency and they will start the process. They will contact you with more information regarding the transaction and also how to make the payment. You will have to pay the deposit and first month rent into the agency's bank account.

— After the payment is received by the agency, they will send you the contract and keys by courier and you will receive them in about 2-3 days.

— Since you haven't seen the apartment yet, the real estate agency will provide you with a 10 days Money Back Guarantee. This means that the payment will not be forwarded to me and you will have 10 days to decide if you'll take the apartment or not. If you don't like the apartment or if it is not as I have presented it to you, then you can mail back the keys to the agency and they will immediately refund your payment to your bank account.

— If you're satisfied with the apartment all you have to do is sign the contract and mail it to the agency. You will be paying the rent every month into the agency's bank account and they will forward it to me. The agency will also take care of the monthly bills (those included in the rent).

Before any agreement between us, the agency will send you a draft of the contract so you will have a clear idea of the content of the contract. It is a standard lease contract very similar to the one most Norwegians use provided by the Norwegian federation of house owners.

If you are interested, please provide me more information about yourself as a possible future tenant.