has three cameras onboard the vessel MS ‘Nordnorge’ that is currently assisting in the rescue operation.

The captain of the Norwegian vessel MS ‘Nordnorge’ says that all passengers on board the sinking ship has been taken care of. The captain says the evacuation has gone smoothly. All the passangers and most of the crew members have been rescued from the life boats.

— They have given food and dry clothing, Hansen informs.

It has not yet been decided what will happen to the passangers, according to Hansen.

— It is currently being discussed whether the passengers should be transported away from the area with Hercules airplane from a Chilean naval base nearby. If not, the passangers from Explorer will remain onboard for another couple of days until we reach land, says the captain.

MS ‘Nordnorge is currently on its way away from the cruise ship Explorer. The ship could sink any minute.